Green and Blue Make Smiles


Some of Ireland and Kentucky’s finest teamed up for “Irish Night” at the Alltech Music Festival. It began as a calm evening, but We Banjo 3 changed all that as they came on to perform their Bluegrass tunes to the delight of more than 2000 people in the crowd. While they admittedly didn’t speak much French, it didn’t matter because great music doesn’t need any translational. Their 3 banjos (and a fiddle) came to life and soon the crowd was stomping their feet and begging for more.

In a change of pace, the American Spiritual Ensemble took the stage under the leadership of the Director of University of Kentucky Opera, Dr. Everett McCorvey. As their name suggests, they sang spirituals with piano accompaniment, such as "Old Man River". Ironically enough, the rains opened up, soaking the crowd, but not their enthusiasm.

But it was one of Ireland’s most popular musicians of all time, Sharon Shannon, who much of the crowd came to see. As she sat down to play her accordion, the clouds parted and a rainbow appeared over the stage. The crowd didn’t need to look to the end of the rainbow to find the pot of gold, as it was performing right in front of them. She played many of her favorites and even mixed in 2013’s popular “Blurred Lines.” All three bands took the stage for an encore performance for the ages, closing with Shannon’s smash hit, "Galway Girl."

It was a night not to be missed at the Alltech Music Festival, but we’ll do it all again today with “Country Night.”  Gates open at 6pm and the show starts at 7pm.