A Helping Hand Along the Way


As an industry we know that raising high quality, efficient and healthy animals is far more than a simplistic task. Long hours and hard work go hand in hand with farming. Each day brings new issues and challenges for producers and farmers to face, from feeding a growing population to addressing new health issues and everything in between. The animal health industry is striving to design solutions that help producers and farmers nutritionally navigate these challenges.

At Alltech, we take this a step further by offering a support program that is designed to help farmers reach their goals, solve problems and lay a foundation for a profitable and sustainable future. The On-farm Support program gives producers access to Alltech’s added value solutions and services. This program combines our nutritional innovation with experts’ knowledge and experience to help farmers close the gap on performance and profitability.

The On-farm Support program utilizes tools to assess the performance of farmers’ feed, consults and trains their staff on best practices and operational efficiency, and provides the nutritional solutions needed to achieve maximum potential on-farm. Tools included in the program are: Alltech’s 37+, IFM (In vitro Fermentation Model), True Check, farm audits, workshops and trainings. Each tool and service is powered by more than 34 years of expertise and research, as well as industry leading experts and consultative staff. The driving goal of the On-farm Support program is to not only get farmers to where they need to be, but also help them get where they want to be.