Making Positive Strides On-Farm at AtaSancak


All is going okay in Turkey so far. The snow managed to leave for a little while, but not for too long, as last week we received another 2 feet of snow. The project on freshly-calved cows is well under way at this stage. After broadening my knowledge from my initial time working with these animals, I gave a presentation of my findings to some of the staff at Ata Sancak. In my conclusion, I made a few suggestions, and as a result, Ismail, the farm manager, has agreed to change the diet of the ‘0-2 days in milk’ multiparous cows. I was delighted when he told me. This shows real progress and trust. As of Monday February 9, we have implemented a higher concentrated diet for the '0-2 days in milk' group. This will help increase the cows’ dry matter intakes, lower the possibility of sorting, and reduce their metabolic issues. However, it is important to monitor signs of acidosis as it is a possibility with an elevated concentrate-to-forage ratio in their diet.

On Wednesday February 11, we received a visit from a group of European farmers accompanied by Alltech personnel. It was great to see a few familiar faces in Derya Demiralay and Catalin Necula. I also enjoyed the opportunity to speak with farmers from Ukraine and Estonia to gain insight on their production system. You are never done learning, and I am just getting started!

I will continue my current action project in the upcoming weeks, and will hone my skills around the farm working in a variety of focus areas. Each week I will make a presentation to the farm manager and 10 to 12 other head staff members to present my findings. Coming up this week, I will asses all lactating animals and present a report to the farm manager on my findings.