No Roadmap for Your Future

At the end of February Alltech's founder and president Dr. Pearse Lyons received a Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa from Dublin City University (DCU), the highest honour the university can bestow on an individual. The honour was bestowed upon Dr. Lyons for his diverse and unique contributions to Irish society. Awarding Dr. Lyons during the ceremony, Dr Martin McAleese, Chancellor of DCU said "this university's greatest ambition is to produce graduates like our honorary graduand today. I hope that in recognising this very distinctive form of Irish genius, our students will understand that there is no one way, no single path, no pre-drawn roadmap, no one size fits all which lays out their future."

At the ceremony in Dublin at which Dr. Lyons and his family were present, Dr. Lyons took the opportunity to give his heartfelt thanks to the university. "It's a tremendous honour to be recognised by DCU, an educational institution I hold in very high regard" said Dr. Lyons. "Not only has it developed and graduated some of Alltech's best employees, but DCU is an integral partner in our research as we endeavour to cultivate solutions for healthier, more sustainable food production."