AgFuture Podcast

Boland and Holder: Programmed nutrition

Programmed nutrition is a  concept that evolved from nutrigenomics and epigenetics. Rather than the traditional concept of changing gene sequences by either breeding or artificial means, programmed nutrition evaluates the effects of nutrition on the expression of genes without changing the gene sequences. What does that mean for agriculture?

Dr. Karina Horgan: Chickens by design

Gene-editing technology may be one of the most significant advancements of this age. In this podcast, Dr. Horgan discusses the far-reaching impact of CRISPR, particularly on the poultry industry, and explains the implications for producers and consumers. 

Dr. Peter Ferket: Count your chickens before they hatch

Advancements in the poultry industry have allowed us to produce bigger chickens, but this solution for increased consumer demand poses another challenge: providing the nutritional requirement of rapidly-growing birds. Dr. Peter Ferket, professor of nutrition and biotechnology in the department of poultry science at North Carolina State University, says we can readily meet those nutritional needs, improve the welfare of animals, increase performance and improve meat quality.

Dr. Karl Dawson: The biologist's toolbox

What if we could use DNA to eradicate a mosquito population and stop the spread of Zika virus? What if instead of dehorning calves, they were born hornless? Through gene modification tools such as CRISPR, ideas like these can be reality. Dr. Karl Dawson, vice president and chief scientific officer at Alltech, explores the possibilities for gene-editing technology and the implications for agriculture.

Dr. Jud Chalkley: Disrupting the medical hierarchy

As a practicing physician, Dr. Jud Chalkley is on the frontlines of patient care and administrative challenges. In this podcast, he addresses the issues without political bias, providing his own observations of alternative healthcare models that put the patient first. One such model, Mexico's Salud Digna, or "healthcare with dignity," focusses on reducing costs to make healthcare affordable for the patient. 

Farming the future: What's on the horizon?

What does the future hold for farming and the entire food supply chain? Everything from automated farm implements and nonstop reams of data to consumers’ ability to trace their food to its source and create supply chain reversal, according to a panel of agribusiness experts. This podcast features their discussion on the not-so-distant-future of farming. 

Randy Lamontagne: Little box stores with big ideas

With the 2016 acquisition of Masterfeeds, Alltech inherited a small retail chain based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Cowtown is a Western wear retailer and, like Alltech, began with one man and one idea.

Brian Lawless: Dinnertime and the lost art of eating

The average time spent eating a meal is seven to 11 minutes. As families stop connecting around the kitchen table, is saving time worth the price? In this podcast, Brian Lawless discusses the impact on our relationships with each other and with food. 

Ronald Faber: Aquaculture and the algae advantage

Coppens International is an Alltech company specializing in aqua feed. Managing Director Ronald Faber shares a firsthand look at the company, industry trends and the three facets he says should transfer from aquatic stock to the consumer's dinner plate. 

Aman Sayed: The emergence of India

India now has the fastest-growing economy in the world. In this podcast, Dr. Aman Sayed provides insight into the transformation of a culturally-diverse country that now regards its people as an asset, rather than a liability.