Cattle Weight: If you don’t measure, you can’t manage

  • Cattle Weight: If you don’t measure, you can’t manage
Eduard Castanyer joined Alltech as part of the Alltech Beef Career Development Program in September 2015. To gain a strong knowledge of the beef industry, Castanyer trained in both North America and Europe. During this time, he had the opportunity to explore the cultural differences on beef farms around the world. Castanyer gathered a wealth of ideas and information to bring back to the farms of his home country, Spain.
An issue Castanyer has regularly seen on Spanish beef farms is the inconsistent weighing of cattle and a lack of control surrounding feed intake. These two factors combined can greatly affect the average daily gain and conversion rate, which have an overall impact on the efficiency of the animal and farm.
Castanyer now works with farmers using the Alltech® Feed Efficiency program. This involves tracking and analyzing the animal’s weight and feed intake.
“I had the opportunity to reformulate a herd’s diet on a beef farm,” said Castanyer. “The farmer was experiencing low performance despite using an expensive diet. I worked with the farmer to reformulate the diet with measured amounts of Optigen® and Yea-Sacc®.
“On three different occasions, we weighed the animals, closely monitoring the impact the feed was having on the animal’s weight,” continued Castanyer. “This proved to be very successful, increasing the average daily gain by more than 100 grams per day.”
After the initial stage is complete, Castanyer continues to support the farmer with quarterly productivity reports. He provides an analysis of the farm’s most recent data and advises on how to make further adjustments to benefit the farmer.
“If we want to work together to feed the world, it is time to be efficient,” concluded Castanyer.

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