Culture and Entertainment at Global 500


The Global 500 event is an excellent platform for learning, discussion and interaction but another important element cannot be ignored – entertainment! While in Ireland for the event the 761 delegates are being treated to a daily taste of Irish culture.

The welcome reception on Tuesday night featured music from The Blood Red Mountain Band as well as the Celtic Fusion troupe of Irish dancers performing to the world-famous “Riverdance” soundtrack.

Entertainment was provided ahead of Wednesday’s discussion dinners by harpist Floraine Blanke. Thursday’s closing session saw yet another talented troupe of Irish musicians – The Greasy Coat String Band.

Additionally each day we had samples of Alltech’s array of beverages for delegates to try – from the renowned Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (based on traditional Irish red ale and a particular favourite with this year’s attendees!) to Town Branch bourbon and Pearse Lyons Reserve whiskey. As we say in Ireland “Sláinte” – an Irish toast that literally translates as "to your health.”