Dairy CDP: You Can Call Me Han


大家好. This phrase is pronounced Daja Hao and means “hello everybody” in Chinese. Try to say it next time you attend a conference or cocktail party in China. Last week was an important week to me, with a lot of “first time” experiences, such as my first job and my first trip to a different country. Also, this is my first post on a blog.

Since there are a lot of firsts going on, I will just give you some background on myself and why I am here writing my first post.

I am Han Longfei. You can just call me Han. My hometown is Luoyang, one of the oldest cities in China. People have been living there for more than 4 thousand years now. Because of the river, soil condition, and moderate weather, the area is and always will be a key part of China’s agriculture. The main agricultural products in my hometown are wheat , corn and pork. (If you want to know more about my home or China, just let me know.)

In April, 2014 I applied for Alltech’s Dairy Career Development Program. After 5 rounds of elimination I got a confirmation letter from Alltech in July. Some job offers came to me along the way, but I said no to all of them just because I believe this opportunity is too good to miss and I am in it to win it. The program is basically a 40 week training program, during which, I will be working with the best people in the dairy business around the world thanks to the great network Alltech has established throughout the years and around the globe. Of course there will be challenges during the process, probably more than I can imagine. But all the challenges are also opportunities for me to grow and learn. I think I’m ready.

P.S. Alltech’s Career Development Program for 2015 is taking applications now. For more information please click here.