Efficiency, Profitability, Sustainability

  • Profitability on the Farm - Sylvie Andrieu

What if you could implement a model to accurately predict how increased efficiency will positively impact your farm profitability? This was the question asked by Sylvie Andrieu at the 7th Annual Alltech Global Dairy and Beef held in Normandy, France in the heart of the ruminant region.  Andrieu is the manager for the ruminant solutions deployment team at Alltech. E=P+S is an in-depth farm analysis program designed by Alltech to help increase on farm efficiency and profitability, all while helping shrink the carbon footprint of farming.

“Through our people, we deliver a system which provides technical advice and technologies that increase the efficiency of the dairy cow,” Andrieu said. “By doing this we increase farm profitability, thus improving the environmental sustainability of the dairy farm.”

So how does it actually work? An in-depth farm audit is conducted by Alltech, as well as an in-depth analysis of the diets being fed on the farm. The last step is monitoring performance and measuring CO2.

Andrieu noted the numerous farms that have utilized the program; a total of 58 farms in 19 countries. Analyzing the data collected during these farm audits, it was observed that issues such as mastitis, lameness, acidosis all decreased. This lead to an average 55,000 euro average profit increase per farm. Along with the increased profitability, less CO2 was released into the atmosphere, equivalent to 2,077 fewer cars on the road or 7.2 million fewer tractor miles. So what does it all mean?

“You will have healthier cows, and more profitable and sustainable farms,” Andrieu said.