Global 500 Event Travels to Normandy!


This week we have welcomed a fantastic group of 761 farmers to Alltech’s Global 500 event. The truly international element of this event cannot be underestimated. Attendees have travelled from over 50 countries and simultaneous translation has been provided in 8 languages.

Next year Global 500 will once again be held in Europe – this time in Normandy, France. The Normandy region is the heart of the French ruminant industry; there are over 580,000 dairy cows and over a quarter of a million beef cattle in Normandy residing on 12,500 dairy farms and 5,800 beef units. An impressive 17,000 people are directly employed in agriculture in Normandy. During the 2014 Global 500, attendees will have the opportunity to tour many of the most efficient, profitable, and sustainable farms in the region.

The 2014 Global 500 event will coincide with the Alltech FEI World Equestrian GamesTM 2014 in Normandy – the World Championships of eight equine disciplines. At the Games, Alltech will be celebrating the farmer and the vital contribution farmers make on a daily basis to feeding the growing world population.