Harrell Overman - My Favorite Farmer

My favorite farmer is my husband, Harrell. He is tireless and ever-patient, always looking toward the next crop and trying to make things better. When the crop year doesn't pan out and the crops are bad, he thinks he can fix everything by working harder and longer hours. His favorite crop is corn. But it's his most challenging crop, always needing rain to pollinate at just the driest and hottest time in eastern North Carolina. This crop takes the most faith to grow, but when things go right, you should see his smile. Then he is on top of the world, ready to plant more next year.

He's also such a fantastic father and grandfather. He treasures every minute that he gets a chance to play with the grandchildren, even looking for opportunities to babysit. The children have come to trust and value his opinion in all things.

I think my favorite farmer is a man of very high character and morals. An man of integrity. He is very active in church and community activities, holding many leadership roles. He is my nomination for favorite farmer because he is my rock and anchor at all times. He was even able to convince me to become a farmer when I was going to college to become a marine biologist. I traded in a life of swimming with dolphins to a world of feeding hogs and growing crops! He is a fantastic farmer, and I know he'd love to attend your Alltech conference!

Harrell is competing in Alltech’s Favorite Farmer contest. The photo with the most likes on our Facebook page will win a trip to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference in Lexington, Kentucky. There, the winner will have the opportunity to meet farmers and other agriculture leaders from around the world.

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