How much food did you waste today?

This is a guest post from Nicole Small. She blogs at Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom.

As I arrived at the Alltech meeting last week, one of the first people I met wanted to know what I was interested in learning about. My response caught her off guard when I said that I try to come with an open mind. I have tried to come with a vision of what I think I am going to learn and I always learn so much more and in a far different area than I ever dreamed, which brings me to my take aways from this year's symposia.

First, a few facts that I gathered during the meetings:

We live in a world of food extremes. In the United States, there are more people battling obesity every day while there are 805 million people around the world that don't get enough food to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Think about that. One out of every 9 people doesn't have enough food.

And while there are those starving around the world, affluent consumers are much more empowered when it comes to food purchases. They want food that is tastier, juicer, and healthier, but above all they want a consistent product.

As farmers, we are hearing a lot about the world's population growing and the challenge to feed a population of 9 billion by 2050. But what about all the food that is wasted?

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