Nutrition for better consumer perception of meat quality

  • There are key factors that affect pork and poultry quality and may determine if consumers choose your product over another.

Visual appearance, palatability and consistency all factor into the consumer’s meat buying process. As producers, what can you do to ensure the meat that ends up at the store is nutritious, has the qualities consumers look for and won’t result in a loss to your profit?


In the recent webinar “Better-tasting meat starts with better nutrition,” Dr. Rebecca Delles, research scientist at Alltech, discussed key factors that affect meat quality and how feed plays an important role in providing a better product for consumers.


Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Some factors that affect meat quality are genetics, feeding regimen, and pre- and post-slaughtering conditions.
  • Meat needs antioxidants to improve stability and shelf life.
  • Studies show the effects of Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology™ and the importance of organic trace minerals in the diet.


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