The power of ONE

 This is a guest post from Nicole Small. She blogs at Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom.
The world of agriculture is constantly evolving and more rapidly than ever. 
  • How do we encourage students to take a serious look at agriculture as a serious career? 
  • How do we prepare them in their early years of school to be great ag technologists when they get to college and in the workforce?
Dr. Karl Dawson, chief scientific officer of Alltech, spoke on the need to see that we no longer have farmers, but instead we have agriculture technologists.  The science and technology involved in agriculture today is rapidly changing.  Students need to be comfortable and excited about both math and science to succeed in the future.  How do we make science and math fun?
  • Lab exercises.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Realization of career opportunities.
  • Competitions - The Alltech Young Scientist Awards are excellent example of awarding young collegiate scientists in agriculture.
Internships offer hands on learning where students can learn the basics of a quickly evolving technology.  Scientists see that time spent outside the classroom is as important as study time in developing the skills and leadership required for tomorrow's scientists.  
It is important that ag technologists will be driven and have an entrepreneurial spirit as well as understand the following:
  • Agriculture is global in Nature.  We are no longer just producing food for our neighbors around the corner.
  • Food producers have to understand the cultural diversity of the entire planet.
How can WE be the ONE to excite a child about learning? 

Read the rest of Nicole's post at Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom and find out what she learned from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and UK men's basketball coach John Calipari. Meet our friend, Nicole Small.

Nicole attended ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference. Audio recordings of most talks from ONE will be made available on the Alltech Idea Lab by mid-June 2016. For access, click on the button below.
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