Sharing Information is Key


The whole ethos of Alltech’s Global 500 Event is to bring farmers together to discuss ideas for improving profitability on their home farms. During the 2 days of meetings – on October 2nd and 3rd – farmers will have the opportunity to meet their peers from around the world and engage in dialogue and idea sharing. There is a mind-boggling array of farming systems globally.  Often farmers can only learn how other regions produce their meat and milk through media sources.

The Global 500 program features a broad range of farm tours to leading Irish beef and dairy operations. Visitors get a first-hand view of Irish agricultural systems.

One group of Global 500 attendees took the opportunity to expand the farm tours element of their visit and learn about Eastern European milk production. The dairy portion of the large Brazilian delegation – a group of 12 farmers representing over 300,000 cows – travelled to Estonia on their way to Ireland. The group visited three large herds, each milking over 1,300 cows, and the Estonian Breeders Association.

One of the host farms they visited features an impressive 12 unit Lely Astronaut robotic milking system which generated great interest among the group of farmers. All three farms are milking year-round and using AI to ensure the quality of replacements in their rapidly-expanding herds.

Each of the farms are based on free-stall barns and are operating a TMR system with 50-60% forage in their diets. The principle forages used are haylage, fresh grass and some corn silage. All units are firm believers in the use of inoculants to protect the true protein in their preserved forages.  The host farmers are also seeing the benefits of Optigen and Mycosorb in their cow diets and Bio-Mos in their calf rearing operations.

The Brazilian group have joined the Global 500 Event full of ideas and enthusiasm following their Eastern European experience.