Worth a Thousand Words: Alltech’s Top 5 Videos of 2015

  • Team members Michelle and Kendra, left, operate a drone during Alltech's video shoot at Serdan, Mexico.

From 50-character tweets and Facebook statuses to long-form news articles, today we all can read about anything under the sun at the tap of a finger.  Yet there’s something about seeing a video that brings that information home in a way words can never match. 

Whether we’re figuring out how to get camera angles in a bustling marketplace in China, capturing underwater footage in a Norwegian salmon farm, or getting up close and personal with dairy cows in the American heartland, the photographers, videographers, editors and coordinators of Alltech’s corporate media team work hard to create videos that can feed minds and touch hearts. 

Listed below are the top five Alltech videos of 2015.  We really enjoyed telling these stories.  Check them out, if you haven’t already:

Alltech Serdan – A Mexican Story of Sustainable Agriculture

It was a great honor for us to get the chance to tell a positive story of modern sustainability in the small, rural town of Serdan in the Mexican state of Puebla. One of the great pleasures of our work is visiting and telling the stories of unfamiliar places that may someday play an enormous role in feeding the world. This was one such trip. The rugged landscapes and ancient cultures of Mexico were the backdrop to a story of how nature has provided humans with a unique gift, the yucca plant, which impacts not only global agriculture but the people and communities of this rural region.

Alltech REBELation 2015 Highlights

Each year, Alltech hosts the largest business conference in the region, attracting nearly 3,000 attendees from more than 65 countries. In 2015, it was bigger and better than ever as we moved to the famed Rupp Arena for the first time.  With insightful keynote speakers such as General Colin Powell and Coach John Calipari as well as the usual great energy and inspiration from Alltech founder and president Dr. Pearse Lyons, this year’s REBELation event really had an epic feel.  That’s what we tried to capture in this video highlights piece.

Testimonials – The Next Green Revolution

Global food demand is increasing, but at the same time, pesticide and fertilizer usage is under increased scrutiny.  As always, we here at Alltech feel that natural solutions play a central role in facing this dilemma.  In this video, we look at how microbes in the soil naturally contribute to plant health and productivity, so that we see natural bio-stimulants being part of what we call “The Next Green Revolution.” 

My Story – Vaun Cummins

Aquaculture holds immense potential for feeding the Earth’s growing population. In 2015, Alltech has invested strongly in aquaculture, both through algae technology and in our own Aquaculture Center.  And just as important as this technology is the passion and dedication of our people.  This year, Alltech was invited to produce a series of videos as part of an outreach
program showing just how dynamic and rewarding careers in agriculture can be, and the first episode of that series is this video, the story of Vaun Cummins, our leading aquaculture specialist, who found an interesting and meaningful career right in his home state of Kentucky.

Dairy Story – Fagundes

California is the largest dairy-producing state in the nation, but as it enters its fifth year of drought and market volatility, its dairy farmers face a lot of challenges. We visited some California food producers to see how Alltech helps them maintain profitability; this video shows our visit to the farm of Frank and Susan Fagundes and family. California dairies are much larger than most on the East Coast or in Europe, and to capture that scale we decided to use one of our newer tools on this shoot—our drone!  Thanks to the Fagundes family, their cows, and their trusty farm dog for hosting us. Be sure to check out this blog post about the making of the video.

Of course, these are only a few of the many videos Alltech created in 2015 to showcase our customers, team members, events, research breakthroughs, corporate expansions and more.  We’re looking forward to the stories of 2016!